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Here is my story


I graduated from Bucharest School of Law


I joined one of the most prestigious law firms in Romania


I entered the Bucharest Bar Association


I opened my own law firm


I became a certified mediator by the Romanian Council of Mediation


I became a dispute adjudicator (DAB) on FIDIC Contracts


I certified as Coach and NLP Practitioner


I certified as NLP Master


I opened NewsLex- the only platform for Romanian Legislation in English

Here is my story


Area of expertise

Over the years, I performed in different areas of practice, from corporate and M&A to energy, insurance, labor law, litigation, international arbitration, privatization. Throughout more than 22 years of practice, I refined my knowledge on how the law is practiced, how lawyers are trained, and how business risk is managed. All along, my goal was to be the lawyer of choice for clients concerning their most challenging legal issues, most significant business transactions, and most critical disputes. I especially built a reputation in insurance, as a claim negotiator on behalf of the insurance companies and as an M&A negotiator. Since I am attracted to psychology, being a coach, and an NLP Master, I love being involved in all sorts of negotiations and that remained my primary interest. My background as a mediator also helps a lot in finding the rights solution for a win-win outcome.

Today, my area of practice is focus on Insurance, Commercial Agreements & Contracts, and Professional Liability.
Quality is the hallmark of my practice and this is why I believe and preach that specialization is the answer.
I am here to make a difference for my clients.

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I provide proactive, responsive, and cost-effective claim management, often closing claims before maturing into litigations. I spend time getting to know you and your claim handling philosophy so that I deal with your clients in the way you would. The general liability claims arise from bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury and include a diverse array of sub-types. After 16 continuous years acting as an insurance lawyer, I am well versed not only in the insurance coverage issues, but also in the subject matter of the underlying disputes.

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Commercial Agreements & Contracts

Successful businesses require strong commercial agreements. Your company’s contracts are like the bones in a skeleton. Everything your company does relies on the support and protection of the terms in its contract. Weak or non-existent contracts can undermine a company, creating risk or liability. A well-written commercial agreement not only protects a company from risk and liability but also allows the court to better assess the intent of the parties in the event of a dispute.

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Professional Liability

I defend professionals (doctors, accountants, fiscal consultants, evaluators, etc) in third party claims & actions such as those brought by investors, as well as indirect disputes brought by clients or former clients of those professionals. These disputes often involve claims of professional malpractice, breach of contract, fraud, aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty, and other causes of action. I have helped create an important precedent in protecting professionals, by developing a strong database of relevant agreements & contracts for their respective professions.